The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" reveal the new official release date for the sequel's online multiplayer expansion, "Comrades." The DLC expansion will allow players to assume the roles of the Kingsglaive and explore the world of Eos in a new chapter set in the main story. They can finish the story or engage in numerous monster hunts and side quests.

Game director Hajime Tabata announced that "FFXV" will be coming to the Xbox One X and its improved gameplay features are similar to the Windows Editon.

'Comrades' ready for next week

Square Enix announced that the "Comrades" online multiplayer expansion will be available in "Final Fantasy XV" on Nov.

15. The Japanese video game publisher originally planned to launch the DLC expansion on Oct. 31, but they decided to delay it to finish the final adjustments in order to create the best possible experience for video game fans.

The plot of "Comrades" takes place after the events of Chapter 13 in the main story. Players are given the freedom to customize their character, from facial appearances to clothing. They can also equip them with different weapons, magic, and Royal Arms similar to Noctis.

Players can work together as a team to fight hordes of wild beasts and the Niflheim army. They can also camp out in the wilderness at night to replenish their health and boost their stats. The DLC will feature other "FFXV" characters like Cid, Iris Amcitta, Talcott Hester, and Vyz.

Square Enix is also planning to launch the "Monster of the Deep" VR story this month, and "Episode Ignis" will be available on Dec. 13. "Episode Ignis" will take place after Leviathan's rampage on Altissia as Ignis must save Noctis and Luna from the empire. He will be accompanied by Luna's older brother, Ravus, to rescue them and escape the city.

Xbox One X version

According to WCCFTech, Hajime Tabata announced during the Japanese Xbox One X live stream event that "Final Fantasy XV" will be available to the new console and Xbox users will enjoy the same graphical and texture improvements as the PC version. Tabata also confirmed that the sequel will have more story content which will be announced next year.

"We are not saying that we are going to simply pull out additional fixed DLC, we are planning to do things that are deeply involved in the core of the game," Tabata said. "We want to do something... where it gives the player a meaningful reason to play again, or something like that."

The sequel is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.