It is challenging to keep up with all the games released on a weekly basis. The days when only one or two big titles per month used to drop are long gone, with the PlayStation 4 especially being overstuffed with weekly additions to the catalog.

There are quite a few big releases set for October 17, so let us go through them and pinpoint the three most noteworthy games on the list.

'South Park: The Fractured But Whole'

Finally, the sequel to "The Stick of Truth" is actually going to be released. After being postponed for a few times, "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" is a turn-based RPG with a robust class system and the source material's trademark humor.

Fans of the original should definitely give this a try, as previews suggest this could be even better.

"The Stick of Truth" was a breath of fresh-air, and its bigger sequel promises to revitalize the genre. There are over twelve superhero classes to select from, with players being given more customization options this time around. The plot is set exactly after the events of its predecessor, with Cartman planning a film franchise for the superhero characters created by the children.


"ELEX" is developed by Piranha Bytes, the studio behind action-RPGs like "Gothic" and "Risen." Most players have a love and hate relationship with both these franchises, and "ELEX" could end up being the developer's most divisive title.

It is ambitious, with a robust combat system and large open world, but the preview clips suggest the fighting is rather janky.

This should not be surprising for anyone who played any of their previous games, but the upcoming science fantasy epic holds so much potential. Firearms, melee weapons, and magic are combined to allow the player a variety of ways to handle any given fight.

The issue is whether there is any actual depth into the mechanics themselves.

'Gran Turismo Sport'

"Gran Turismo" is back with a vengeance. A demo is doing the rounds, with the reception being quite positive. In terms of gameplay, "Sport" does not rock the boat, offering a campaign, sports, and arcade mode. The series is known for releasing smaller "Prologue" titles, which offer a taste of the content set for the numbered entries, but "Sport" should be a more robust experience.

177 cars and 19 locations are included in the game, the newest "Gran Turismo" is hardly huge, and the online championships are really the meat of the experience. As this is a full priced release, hopefully, it does enough to justify the price tag.