"Super Mario Odyssey" has been receiving positive reviews even before its launching. To celebrate the game's release, Nintendo will host a launch party for fans on Oct. 26.

During the event in New York, fans will get to meet Mario and Cappy. The first 200 guests will have the opportunity to access the event on a first-come-first-served basis. It starts at 8 PM and ends at 10 PM. It will feature the game's custom trailer, and guests will get the chance to try the game. "Super Mario Odyssey" will be released on Oct. 27 hours after the event ends.

Positive reviews

As of now, two companies gave a positive review of the game. The first one is from Japanese publication Famitsu which gave it a score of 39/40. Although it is not a perfect score, it is extremely positive. It is also the highest-scoring game in the issue.

On the other hand, Edge Magazine rewarded the game with a score of 10/10. The review had good feedback about the different transformations of Cappy, its soundtrack, as well as the final fight with the boss. It is said that the Seaside Kingdom boss is one of the best games in the history of "Super Mario."

One perfect review for a game is already a good thing. But getting two scores, as good as what the upcoming Nintendo Switch game received, is already a big deal especially that it came from trusted and respected publications.

This goes to show that the two companies think that "Super Mario Odyssey" is a near-flawless game.

The boss fight

According to Daily Express, the boss fight is considered as one of the best games ever. The Seaside Kingdom involves a giant octopus whom a player needs to fight with. A player will spend most of his time facing the octopus with a goal to make it angry enough to fight with Mario.

In order to succeed, Mario should capture the local wildlife. To do that, Mario needs to explore land and sea. With the help of Cappy, Mario can transform into a Cheep Cheep fish so he can breathe underwater. He can also turn into a water-propelled octopus, which appears to be a throwback to "Super Mario Sunshine."

When fighting the giant octopus, the player needs to avoid mines and shells.

One also needs to make sure that Mario won't land on the lava covering the head of the octopus. It is challenging on how one can defeat the octopus. But one thing is for sure, it is one of the best Super Mario boss battles of all time and is one of the reasons why gamers are excited for the release of the game.