Updates are a dime a dozen, with most just improving the stability of the device. Despite not being the most exciting of notifications to receive, they are an important and ongoing job which determine how well the PlayStation 4 continues to function over the years.

Whenever a new version of the firmware is released, be it 2.0 or 4.0, a certain amount of excitement tends to build since this usually means some genuine changes are on their way. While the PlayStation 4's 5.0 Firmware Update is hardly the most groundbreaking edition of all time, it brings with it a few changes worth noting.

The update is currently available to download on all version of Sony's console, including the Ps4 Pro.


The biggest new feature will only affect owners of the updated version of the console, the PS4 PRO, as they can now stream content at 1080p and 60fps on Twitch. This might not make a huge difference for most people, but those who make a living or enjoy sharing their gaming experiences with the internet are sure to appreciate the option.

It will be interesting to see if this impacts the performance of the games, as streaming is taxing on the system. While the PS4 PRO might not be as powerful as Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X, there should still be enough juice under the hood to power this increase in quality.

Obviously, a good internet connection is required to really benefit from the upgraded frames per second and picture quality. Otherwise, it might be best to stick to 720p.


A few changes have been made to the organizational options available for the friends and communities section. Players are now able to create custom lists and can follow an account even if it is not verified.

While a relatively small update which might not greatly impact the PlayStation 4, it is still a welcome addition.

More importantly for parents, firmware 5.0 improves how accounts are managed, allowing for more control. There finally is an option to decide when pop-ups can appear or change their notification color.

For those with a PSVR headset, do not worry, Sony has not forgotten you.

One of the more interesting features is the cinematic mode, which allows movies to be viewed in a theatre like setting. It is still not a great option due to poor sound and video quality, although the former is set to improve as virtual surround sound channels for headphones is now available. While cinematic mode is unlikely to replace a normal TV until the quality is improved beyond 480p, this is a step in the right direction.