Guerilla Games has finally set an official release date of “The Frozen Wilds” for the massively popular action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn.” While it's good news that avid players will be able to play this expansion really soon, the game developer also brought a not so great news.

On Twitter, the studio responded to a number of fan queries regarding the developer’s future plans for the PS4 exclusive title. One of the questions raised is if there will be another planned expansion after “The Frozen Wilds.”

Single expansion confirmed

Guerilla Games reiterated what it said earlier that Aloy’s adventure will only see a single expansion in “Horizon Zero Dawn.” Apparently, there’s nothing more coming in 2018 when the game marks its first year and that is quite a bummer for the fans.

However, the first and last expansion is said to contain a sizable content, enough to keep the players busy. The new map will be added to the main game’s map and so it expands the entire game world. Another good news is that gamers can still play the expansion even if they haven’t finished the main story yet.

Other highlights from Q&A

Moreover, there are also other notable details from the Q&A that are worth taking note of. One of which is that the development team doesn’t have any plan to include a co-op mode in the game.

The game will also get a Complete Edition that will be packed with the same DLC stuff that was included in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

It will add the lone expansion as well, which will introduce players to a fresh story, mysterious machines, and new characters.

It is noted further that this special edition will be on a disc while the theme and the art book will be available digitally. The Complete Edition will be released in December this year.

Environment trailer

Last week, Guerilla Games launched a short trailer for the incoming expansion. The sneak peek teased fans a look at the unforgiving wildly frozen environment that game protagonist will have to survive too apart from the threat of the mysterious new enemy.

Check out the latest video featuring the new map of the expansion below.

“The Frozen Wilds” will be out on Sony's current-gen consoles on November 7. The game successfully launched in February 2017 with 2.6 million copies sold in less than two weeks after its release on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Because of this tremendous success, there are ongoing speculations floating around the net that "Horizon Zero Dawn 2" might be in the works as a follow-up title. Guerilla Games, however, has yet to comment regarding this rumor.