EA DICE is planning a slew of exciting features coming to its WW2 shooter video game,Battlefield 1.” The game developer announced that the third expansion is on the way for release on Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows soon.

But before it arrives in the game, players will first see the addition of a new mode in November. Also, the company will be hosting some events as “Battlefield 1” celebrates its first anniversary while the entire “Battlefield” series turns 15 this year.

Turning Tides expansion

Titled “Turning Tides,” the third expansion focusing on the Naval Warfare will be available in December.

In this new amphibious adventure, players will be able to play the British Royal Marines as the new playable faction during the campaigns called Zeebrugge Raid and Gallipoli Offensive.

Gamers can also expect the inclusion of new maps, vehicles, and weapons in this air, land, and sea expansion.

Operations Campaign Mode

Prior to the release of “Turning Tides,” the variations of the Operation mode called “Operations Campaign” is set to launch in November. This was originally slated for release this month, however, the studio decided to push back the release. EA DICE needs more time and wants to make sure that it’s going to be an amazing experience for players.

The studio said that this mode will extend the frontline battles between attackers and defenders by tying together a number of Operations that have rare rewards to earn.

Two Operations Campaign

The new game mode will offer “Eastern Storm” to Premium Pass holders or those players who purchased “In the Name of the Tsar." This operation is a mix of Brusilov Offensive and Red Tide, the two Operation from the standalone expansion.

Then “Fall of Empires,” which is a combo of the main game’s modes will also be out later next month.

It is also noted that more operations campaign are underway but with no release date as of yet.

Anniversary events, October update

In more news, the development team is also holding anniversary events throughout October. The franchise marks its 15th year while the current entry in the series turns one. To celebrate this milestone, players will receive a set of anniversary dog tags if they log into the game from October 12 to 16.

Moreover, the studio recently released the October Update that brought in tons of changes such as specializations, maps, and modes. One of the notable changes is disabling the 40-player mode in the Operations playlist to keep the joining times at a minimum.

What players like about this change is it increases the odds of attackers in winning against their opponents. It sets a 64-player mode limit to keep the Operations game mode active much longer purposely.

“Battlefield 1” is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms.