Yesterday "Destiny 2" players gathered together in teams to take on the highly anticipated prestige mode of the Leviathan raid. Shortly after the raid went live, 1 hour and 6 minutes to be exact, Bungie tweeted, announcing Clan Redeem as the World's First -- and the community was divided. Some believed Clan Redeem won fair and square, others believed they cheated by exploiting the coil glitch, and still, others truly couldn't care less. However, today, Bungie put all of those opinions to rest with an update announcement.

Bungie announcement

The first thing addressed in the update announcement was the winner of the Prestige Leviathan raid.

Bungie stated on their website, "Once we had the chance to review the results, three clans were identified as the first to cross the finish line: Clan Redeem, Clans Hand of Faith/PRORAIDER/Add Control/ZFORCE NATION, and clan ihavealife." So there they are the official winners of the Prestige Leviathan raid. Congratulations."

However, the more important announcement was the addition of new Challenges to the raids every week. Bungie stated that every week a new optional challenge will be added to a raid starting October 31. Sorry World's First title holders, but you have yet to be challenged by Bungie.

Bungie spiced things up even further by offering zero hints in terms of how to beat these new challenges and instead will notify players when they fail via an in-game message, "Your director will let you know what is at stake each week," wrote Bungie.

For completing each challenge a new emblem will be rewarded, along with a guaranteed raid drop for each encounter. Bungie challenged all to speculate on possible challenges coming players' way.

'Destiny 2' coming to PC

Bungie also reminded everyone that in five days, "Destiny 2" will launch on PCs, allowing PC players to get in on the action and join the community.

Bungie also acknowledged those enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their own PCs by putting a link on their news page to a Nvidia guide to help maximize settings and hardware to achieve the best gaming experience possible. Aren't they sweet?

It looks as though this is just the beginning for Bungie and their tinkering with "Destiny 2" despite all the reported glitches, which no game is without, especially barely a month after release.

Bungie hopes to keep fans and players on their toes and as interested as possible for as long as they can, which is no small feat in the gaming world, since the next big craze could be right around the corner. Head over to Bungie's website for further details on upcoming updates, and to get your hands on the graphics guide for PCs. Good luck out there, Guardians.