After numerous reports by players after a bug within the Exodus Crash Strike which prevented any further progress from happening after a certain point, Bungie has swapped out the Exodus Crash strike for the Pyramidion Nightfall strike. Bungie is currently working on a more permanent fix for the glitch within the exodus strike, but until that happens, the more popular Pyramidion strike will be in place to allow players the ability to actually complete the Prestige Nightfall strike without having to worry about the glitch and any workarounds.

The Exodus Crash strike glitch

The glitch took place in the exodus crash portion of the nightfall strike. When players were directed to report to the "Exodus Black's Aft" and instructed to analyze the Arc Pulses once they appear, many players discovered the Arc Pulses would never appear. Ultimately this led to many a frustrated player running in and out of the area hoping to cause the pulses to spawn, but would inevitably be kicked out of Nightfall due to timing out. And, of course, this results in a fail. The frustration with the glitch is real.

Thankfully Bungie heard the frustrated chorus of angered players and responded. Earlier today they swapped out the Exodus Crash strike and replaced it with the Pyramidion strike.

A welcome relief for those players who experienced the glitch first hand, and a joyous bit of news since the Pyramidion is the more popular strike anyway.

Added bonuses to the swap

According to WWG the best modifier in the game is available: Torrent.

The torrent modifier allows all abilities to recharge at a rapid rate. The torrent modifier essentially encourages players to use their abilities much more frequently and provides a much more hectic style of gameplay.

Along with the torrent modifier is the Zero Hour modifier, which once again forces players to race through the strike due to the set amount of time to complete it.

WWG reminds players once this timer starts there is no way to add time, so be sure to avoid unnecessary fights if at all possible.

Along with the swap out of the glitched strike for the unglitched and more popular pyramiding strike, the prestige mode of the leviathan raid went live early today. Unfortunately the World First title as already been claimed, however the raid is still worth playing, and there are plenty of shiny new cosmetic rewards to go around. The leviathan raid may not be designed to power players up, but the rewards allow those few who manage to complete the incredibly difficult raid to show off their accomplishment.