A quick glance at the Xbox store shows Microsoft has decided to slash the prices of most of their Xbox One S bundles. The lowest option is $249.99, which includes the console and a high profile game.


Let us take a quick look at the different bundles available. The Xbox One S "Battlefield 1" bundle, with a 500 GB hard drive, is available to purchase for $249.00. This offers a saving of $30, as original it cost $279.00. This is a pretty tempting offer, especially since "Battlefield 1" is still rather expensive to purchase. On a side note, if it is possible to find a second-hand console for around $200, it might be worth picking that up since EA's latest entry into their FPS franchise is available with Origin Acces.

A yearly subscription is only $25, and gets you access to other titles like "Titanfall 2."

For the same price, the "Forza Horizon 3" bundle can be picked up. This is a great entry point for the racing franchise, especially with the "Forza 7" coming out in September.

At the price of $249.00, we would personally recommend the Xbox One S "Gears of War 4" bundle, as it includes a 1TB hard drive. This is $50 cheaper than its usual price, and the extra space will be useful down the line. There is also the special edition on sale for the same price, which comes with a swanky green console but a smaller 500GB hard drive.

More expensive options

There are other 1TB console options available for a reduced price, including Xbox One S "Halo Wars 2" bundle for $299.00.

A swanky "Gears of War 4" console is also available for $349.00. Besides the console's impressive design, it also comes with a 2TB hard drive, ensuring that it will never need to be replaced.

Two extra games

More importantly, Microsoft is advertising that buyers can select two bonus games to take with the console, including the soon to be released "Destiny 2.

" At that price, it is quite a tempting deal.

The Xbox One S is an improved version of the launch console, offering more power under the hood while being around 40 percent smaller. It can also stream and show movies in 4K Ultra HD video, although it would depend on the television owned by the player.

With the Xbox One X set for a release in the near future, this might be an attempt for Microsoft to sell as many consoles before it is made absolute.

Although the price tag will be considerably higher, especially Project Scorpio is the strongest console on the planet, it is harder for players to buy something when they know a superior option is available.