"Destiny" was not a bad game, it was just disappointing. Bungie knows how to do a first person shooter and their "Halo" background came through in spades. The gameplay was fast and, honestly, the best in the genre. Unfortunately, the base game suffered from a lack of content and a few odd storytelling choices. Despite trying to create a huge world with a deep mythos, players had to turn to the internet to have any chance of understanding what was going on.

With each DLC, "Destiny" improved greatly. For some players, it proved too little too late, but it did show that Bungie had big plans for the future of the series.

"Destiny 2" cannot afford to make the same mistakes as its predecessor.


At this point, newcomers interested in picking up the sequel should try and find a video online explaining the universe. There are a decent amount of factions, all with their own motives and philosophies.

"Destiny 2" sees the Guardians fighting against the Cabal, who captured their source of power. The player's mission is to unite warriors from across the universe and to fight back against this threat.

The base game will include four new locations, including one on Earth and a moon on Saturn. Wisely, Bungie decided to greatly increase the size of each map and to actually put a few things to do in each one. Side-quests were frankly awful in the first game, so they really need to be improved upon.

Minor nuances

"Destiny" suffered from a few design choices which proved frustrating over the long haul. For example, the need to return to space every time you wanted to fly to another planet. This might have added to the cinematic presentation of the title, but it was dull and annoying to slog through.

The same classes return, but each has been expanded upon with new subclasses and abilities.


Although "Destiny 2" can be played solo, a good chunk of quests benefits from forming a team. This is a game that requires players to be online at all times, so keep that in mind if your internet is not fast or reliable. There is also the Crucible, which offers four versus four PvP gameplay.

Player characters from the original game can be ported over, but they will lose their loot.

This is an obvious choice since it would place new players at a significant disadvantage.

Should I skip the first?

Yes. "Destiny 2" promises to be better in nearly every single way, and it will include more cut-scenes in order to better tell the story. It is a game that requires time and dedication to really enjoy, but it is a must-buy for FPS fans.