Set to be released on October 13, "WWE 2K18" will feature an impressive roster of playable characters, with some more being added via DLC. Available as stand-alone purchases or a $29.99 season pass, the developers finally announced via WWE's site what is set to be included in these add-ons.

Let us go through each pack to see whether they are worth the money.

'Enduring Icons'

Introducing five new characters to the roster, the "Enduring Icons" pack can be purchased for $9.99. The highlight of this DLC has to be the Hardy Boyz, as Matt and Jeff will only be accessible for those who dish out the extra money.

Hall of Famers Beth Phoenix and The Rock 'n' Roll Express round up the collection.

While five new character is not bad for the price, it is frustrating that the Hardyz Boyz are not included in "WWE 2K18's" main roster. Yes, they debuted in April, which is not a huge amount of time to create their models, but they form one of the biggest current tag teams in the business.

'MyPlayer Kick Start'

This DLC feels like a cheat sheet, as it unlocks access to boost MyPlayer ratings and clothes which can improve performance during MyCareer. Available for $9.99, it might be worth considering for those who do not have the time to grind, but otherwise, can be ignored. Also, why is this customization not included in the main game?

'NXT Generation'

The other pack character introducing add-on, with a focus on NXT wrestlers. The "NXT Generation" pack adds five more wrestlers to the roster, with Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Lars Sullivan, and Ruby Riot. It is also priced at $9.99.

Again, this is not a horrible pack for those interested in NXT, although its mileage will vary depending on the player.

'New Moves'

Cheaper than the rest at $3.99, this DLC adds a few new moves to "WWE 2K18." It does not state exactly how many new attacks will be included, with the developer only providing three examples.


Another DLC which exists to simply limit customization, for $4.99 players will be allowed to change the overall levels for all playable characters and gain access to unlockable content immediately at launch.

Customization is a huge part of any wrestling game, as half the fun is experimenting with the roster and incorporating your own creations. While multi-player is important, these primarily remain single-player experiences and locking the ability to customize the characters behind a paywall is somewhat disappointing.