Sony has definitely improved the games offered with their subscription service, and October might just be the best month yet. Following up an already impressive September games, which saw "inFAMOUS Second Son" added to the Ps Plus line-up, the Japanese company upped itself by announcing that "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" is going to be added to the service.

If that was not enough, the other PlayStation 4 title is the "Amnesia Collection," a compilation which brings two great horror games to the current generation.

Stealth, action, and Big Boss

"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" follows its predecessor, "Ground Zeroes," which was also given for free on Ps Plus in 2015. Although the story is extremely convoluted by this point, and not easy for a newcomer to jump into, "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" boasts arguably the best gameplay of the franchise and is just a thrilling action-adventure title.

Introducing an open world, players are given the freedom to decide whether to approach the missions guns blazing or using stealth mechanics. Despite being a few years old, Konami's fifth entry into the franchise is visually gorgeous and runs smoothly on the PlayStation 4. For newcomers, we recommend doing a bit of research to be able to follow the narrative somewhat.

Long-term fans of the series do not consider "The Phantom Pain" to contain the best story, but it is not terrible either.


Considering Halloween is just around the corner, it makes sense that Sony would include a horror title in this month's Ps Plus. "Amnesia Collection" includes two survival horror games in "The Dark Descent" and "A Machine for Pigs." The former is considered one of the best and scariest ever made and is worth playing in the middle of the night with some good headphones.

It should be noted that these are ports of the PC games and not remastered versions, so graphically they are a bit disappointing. "A Machine for Pigs" is also an entirely different beast from the fantastic original, focusing less on horror while still delivering a decent enough final product.

PS3 and PS Vita

Admittedly, these two categories do feel like after-thoughts, but they are worth mentioning anyway.

PS Vita players can download "Hue" and "Sky Force Anniversary," which will also be available on the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 3 owners can download the pool game "Hustle Kings" and "Monster Jam Battlegrounds," a video game based on the popular touring show.