August had its fair share of big games, including "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice" but a quick glance into next month reveals a much more impressive list of soon to be released titles. Obviously, quality is subjective, and there might not be something anywhere near as good as Ninja Theory's title, but there are a few scheduled releases which could have fans giddy with excitement.

Quick note, this list will not consider any beta releases. "Dragon Ball FighterZ" looks fantastic, but the full game will not be released until 2018.

'Destiny 2'

I might as well start with the most obvious one, but the highly anticipated sequel to one of the biggest initial disappointments of the current generation comes out on September 6th.

"Destiny 2" already received a closed beta, but another is set for the end of the month on PC. Impressions from that, admittedly, quite limited sample group were largely positive. The structure of the story missions, at least the opening mission highlighted in the beta, proved engaging and set up a good story. The gameplay is still fantastic, something the original "Destiny" nailed right off the bat, and the addition of a fourth skill is welcome.

Bungie started slow out of the gate, with "Destiny" marked as one of the biggest early disappointments of this generation, but it improved steadily throughout its long post-release development time. By the end of its run, we finally had a respectable title.

'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite'

Set to be released on September 19, we cannot think of a more recent demo that killed the hype for the main game in a way that matches "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's" story teaser. Everything about it felt wrong; from the awkward introduction scenes, the bare bones gameplay and the two enemies who proved about as threatening as a scarecrow.

Still, this demo was just a small sample of a much larger story. Hopefully, once the characters are done referencing themselves, something actually interesting will happen. At the end, this fighting game still brings together a few of the most loved characters in gaming, comic and film history. It might be slightly awkward, but who does not want to see the Avengers team up with Dante?

'Gundam Versus'

This may be a slightly surprising pick, especially with "Fifa 18" set to be released in September, but this is the one that has us really excited. We are just happy to see "Gundam Versus" receive a Western release, as it could have gone either way. Fans of the anime franchise will surely see this as a must-buy, as it brings team based gameplay to the current generation.