The new video for “South Park: Fractured But Whole” reveals the level of difficulty is dependent on the skin color of the chosen avatar. The clip also unveils that the game now has various gender options, including “transgender” and “cisgender.” Is the upcoming game coming out with a similar satiric personality like its cartoon version?

Is the new game about racism?

Ubisoft released a new video for the upcoming game version of the “South Park” franchise. The developers sent out some advanced copies to game analysts so they can try out the new game.

Game analysts said the upcoming “South Park: Fractured But Whole” gives the players the chance to choose their ethnicity. Prior to the start of the game, the character creation section will require the gamer to choose the level of difficulty of the game.

Similar to most role-playing-games, the new game from Ubisoft also features different levels of challenges. It also offers easy to very difficult levels.

One discovery of the game analysts turns out to be really fascinating. Based on the review of, the skin tone of the gamer will impact the level of difficulty of the game. Apparently, the challenge increases as the color of the skin chosen gets darker.

What happens when the level of difficulty increases?

The review also notes that the analysts consulted the developers of the game regarding this new feature. The latter detailed that the challenges of the game have impact on the amount of money that players will receive. The difficulty level also affects how the players would be treated by the other characters throughout the challenges.

Player sex option includes transgender or cisgender

The upcoming “Fractured But Whole” will now allow the players to choose the sex of their character. The first release of the franchise, “A Stick of Truth,” only has a boy player. The new title now features three gender options: male, female and other.

Game analysts Aoife Wilson and Chris Bratt chose “female” for the gender of their character during the trial of the game.

Mr. Mackey, South Park school counselor, then asked the gamers to clarify the exact gender of the chosen “female.” Wilson and Bratt were led to choose from the options: cisgender or transgender.

The “South Park: Fractured But Whole” is the second offering from the franchise. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the original creators of “South Park,” also wrote, voiced and directed the new game. It is expected to be released next month, but Ubisoft has not released any official statement on the final date.