Devolver Digital released a new trailer for “Ruiner,” which features four different bosses. The trailer also shows how hard it is when facing bosses in the game. “Ruiner” is a top-down brutal action game, which features a futuristic cyberpunk environment. The game also offers some RPG elements, such as the ability to upgrade equipment and unlock numbers of abilities. Players can also earn skill points in the game, which can be used to upgrade different abilities. Players must also focus on one type of character build in order to experience its full potential in end-game situations, especially when trying to kill different bosses.

Here are the four bosses that were featured in the latest trailer.

Heavy Cyborg

Heavy Cyborg is a wolverine-like boss. It uses its sharp claws to perform deadly attacks. The trailer also shows that Heavy Cyborg can perform leaping attacks, which causes explosions. One of the best strategies to beat Heavy Cyborg is to stay a long distance against away as it is a melee attacker. The trailer also shows that the character can easily attack the boss while using a laser gun. Players can also perform quick dashes to evade upcoming attacks much easier.

CPT Bogdan

CPT Bogdan uses a large grenade launcher. Due to this, players can expect that there will be a massive amount of explosions. The trailer also shows how hard it is to dodge CPT Bogdan's attacks as it can shoot multiple grenades in just a few seconds.

Players can see that the character is using a shotgun in the trailer, which seems to be very effective against CPT Bogdan as he moves very slow, especially when shooting grenades.


The trailer shows that Shadow uses an assault rifle. He also moves extremely fast, making him very hard to hit. Using melee attacks are very effective against Shadow.

However, players must perform the melee attacks precisely as Shadow can also use dash moves, which is similar to the character. Players can also use assault rifles as well and go head-to-head against Shadow.

Mother Engine

Mother Engine might be one of the hardest bosses in the game. It is a large robot that uses a devastating laser beam.

In the trailer, the character uses a shield, which negates the laser beam from hitting. Players can also see that the character is using a machine gun to destroy Mother Engine. The trailer also shows that the best opportunity to use the machine gun is when Mother Engine reloads its laser beam and try to switch its guns.