Game company Capcom recently showcased their upcoming “Monster Hunter: World” at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. They featured new details like a special stage, some new monsters, and more. During their final stage event for TGS 2017, they featured the Coral Highlands special map with new monsters showing up. These monsters included the Bird Wyverns called the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and Paolumu, and also the Legania, which was the Flying Wyvern.

The Bird Wyverns looked very agile, so it was difficult to ascertain their positions during the hunt. They also had different types of special abilities that could disable players temporarily.

The hunt clearly needed more players to take down these new monsters.

The Flying Wyvern had a larger stature and had harder scales. Normal weapons could not make a cut on its scaly skin. It would need better weapons with special abilities to cut through it.

Training Area details explained

Aside from the new special map and monsters, two new facilities were revealed by Capcom. The first facility is the Training Area for “Monster Hunter: World.” This is a map dedicated to players who want to train their characters in using their weapons.

Players can learn about weapon control methods and combos from the tutorials. They can also learn different types of other information like details of the weapons.

To imitate the monster body’s toughness, players can target different types of barrels. It can display the amount of damage the weapons can deal in one hit. They can also change their weapons at any time, and there is an unlimited supply of bullets.

Ecology Research Station info revealed

Another facility that the game company revealed was the Ecology Research Station.

The Research Level must be increased to unlock different types of weapons that can be forged. To do that, players need to gather different types of monster traces, items, loot, and more.

The Scoutflies’ abilities will also increase with better Research Levels. It will unlock new methods to trace monsters by using fewer traces.

The Bestiary is currently under development right now. It can be filled out by increasing the Research Level too. The Bestiary will contain important information about the monsters, such as weak spots, fleshiness, resistance, and more.

Capcom revealed that “Monster Hunter: World” will be launched worldwide on January 26, 2018. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At a later date, a PC version of the video game will be released.

Check out the “Monster Hunter: World” TGS 2017 video here: