The Better Together update of the sandbox video game, “Minecraft,” is now available. The update allows cross-platform play together for the first time. This could be the most significant upgrade the video game developer Mojang has launched in the title.

According to Mashable, “Minecraft’s” latest update is now available on PC, mobile devices as well as Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch will get the Better Together update later in the winter.

The “Minecraft” Better Together update essentially takes the different versions of the sandbox video game that have been available on different platforms and combines these versions into one particular edition.

The update will still have the same content, functionality, and features, regardless what device the player is using. Meaning, the sandbox video game’s console versions on Xbox One will now run the same version on the PC, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets.

Update’s advantage

The biggest advantage of the “Minecraft” Better Together update is that cross-play will be possible in any versions of the sandbox video game. Microsoft claimed that “Minecraft” is the first video game to offer a cross-play, and with the addition of the Nintendo’s Switch gaming console, the sandbox video game could be one of the most incredible titles.

The official website of Minecraft made it known that the company is working on launching the Better Together update to Nintendo Switch.

The company is ensuring that everything is ready in bringing the Switch console on-board.

During the interview of Microsoft Studios CVP Matt Booty with Engadget, Booty stated that they are having a hard time synchronizing “Minecraft” Better Together update with PlayStation 4. However, the Redmond, Washington based tech company is continuing to talk with Sony to roll out the update to the PlayStation 4.

Aside from the Nintendo Switch and PS4, the new update is still not available on PlayStation 4 Pro and Apple PCs.

Game’s new features

The new features of the “Minecraft” Better Together update include Stained Glass, Fireworks, Parrots, Banners, Armor Stands, Recipe Book, Book & Quill, Ravines, Coarse Dirt, Jukebox and music discs.

The game’s new update also brings several tweaks, such as new rules for games, Realms invites that can be sent off to friends, new starting options for worlds, Blaze Powder to fuel brewing stands. Skins can now be changed from the pause menu, Maps can now be held off-hand and will show the heads of the skins of the players.