Xbox One X is set to be released this November, for a hefty price of $499. The console's greatest selling point is its ability to run games with a 4K image quality. Obviously, to benefit from the improved visuals, a player needs to have a television capable of broadcasting at Ultra HD. Considering the price of even the cheapest 4K Tv, it is not something that everyone in the world can afford.

So, should the Xbox One X be automatically ignored if you do not possess a TV capable of that quality? Well, Microsoft thinks it is not really necessary and their upcoming console is ideal for everyone.


On the Xbox One X, games which support the platform will broadcast with a 4K image. Obviously, a 1080p screen cannot show that level of detail, so supersampling will be employed to downscale the image to meet the monitor's requirement.

This means that the full benefits of the console will not be experienced, but the picture should still produce a higher quality final product. The frame-rate also would benefit from being on the Xbox One X.

Worth it?

Obviously, if a better version of a game is available, why not play it at that higher quality? The stronger CPU and GPU in Microsoft's upcoming console translates to more resources available for developers to take advantage of. The main question worth pondering is just how prepared are developers to use the new technology.

PC gamers have often suffered due to receiving a console port which was not properly optimized to take advantage of everything a high-end gaming computer offers. Xbox One X might offer a stronger platform for older and upcoming games, but if titles only received a resolution upgrade, a huge difference might only be experienced if the player actually owns a 4K television.


Quite a few games are already announced which will receive an HDR and 4K update for the Xbox One X. "Middle Earth: Shadow of War," "Anthem," "Crackdown 3," and "Assassin's Creed: Origins" are just a few of the many titles confirmed for the platform.

With the release of the world's most powerful console, it is the first time this generation that Microsoft actually seems to be offering something more than Sony.

They might still lag behind in terms of console exclusives, but at least the definitive version of a title will be available on the company's machine.

Once the console is out, it will be easier to see whether players with a 1080p really do benefit from the upgrade.