Several weeks ago, the game developer revealed the DLC characters of the fighting game’s Fighter Pack 2. With Black Manta, Hellboy, and Raiden coming to the game, fans cannot wait to get their hands on these new characters. On September 6, NetherRealm Studios released a brand new update for “Injustice 2” this month. The latest patch contains a plethora of fixes balance changes across the roster and a new character addition. It appears that aside from regularly rolling out updates, the latest patch prepares the game for the arrival of the three new characters.

Latest update

Injustice 2” has received a warm reception in the gaming community. The latest fixes and changes included in the game’s latest update is an indication that NetherRealm Studios is continuously improving and polishing the game to bring joy to its players. When the game was officially launched, it only featured three tiers of gear namely Common, Rare, and Epic. With the games latest Patch, a new tier is added dubbed as Legendary. This tier is currently the highest quality of gear that players can collect to the game. So far, the new tier features a red banner, but details about it are still vague. Most likely, with the scheduled arrival of a new DLC character next week, the new gear will also be available.

Shaders and other changes

In addition to the new Legendary Tier, a couple of shaders are added to every character in the fighting title. Noticeably changes in the inventory management system are also observed. No, players can filter gear according to its rarity, favorite, and many other attributes. In addition, gear collected through mother boxes can be directly equipped now from the same screen.

Skins and characters’ preview animation for several characters has been fixed too with the latest patch.


Apart from the latest additions and fixes, the most recent update also rolls out balance changes to characters. Among the recipients of these tweaks are the recently added DLC characters Sub-Zero and Starfire. The Tamaranian Queen’s base damage is reduced slightly.

Her visual bugs are also fixed. On the other hand, “Mortal Kombat’s” Sub-Zero has his rare bug crushed and hitbox adjusted.

New addition

Players have noticed that Black Manta is now on the roster of characters in “Injustice 2.” The new DLC character introduced as part of the Fighter Pack 2 is not yet playable in the game as of press time. Players can start using the character starting September 12. You can check out below the latest gameplay trailer of Black Manta where the character shows off his impressive moves and abilities.