There has been a sheer absence of official details regarding the development of the hotly anticipated “The Last of Us 2” since its official debut at the PlayStation Experience last December. But just recently, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a new clue from Naughty Dog itself, hinting a possible return of a popular feature from the original title.

The clue hints multiplayer feature to return

This hint was drawn from the Naughty Dog latest job listing indicating that “The Last of Us 2” will get a multiplayer feature, just like the original game. The new job post is apparently looking for a game designer that has experience on multiplayer systems - an obvious clue suggesting that this feature will return in the sequel.

Multiplayer feature to return

Notably, this game mode was popular among the players of TLOU. So, if this piece of detail from the job ad is any indication, fans will be happy.

Although the multiplayer feature was not the main attraction of the first title, the gamers came to love it. This feature allowed them to play the role of a member of faction group.

They get into a match with a mission to collect supplies and use their weapons to fight other groups that got in their way.

Nowadays, a multiplayer has turned out to be many fans most liked and favorite features that should be in a video. The game developer can even improve it with the addition of new modes and maps to make it something fresh.

But while Naughty Dog has yet to confirm this feature in the next entry of the survival horror game series, everyone must consider taking it with a grain of salt.

Game’s new location

Back in late July, a Reddit user shared what he discovered about the game’s possible new location. By doing his personal research, he found out that the sword fern seen in the game's environment appeared to be the same evergreen ferns that abundantly grow in Western North region of America where Washington is located.

Before this information, another fan also gathered that the parking signs and pay sites that appeared in the PSX 2016 reveal trailer resembled those that are found in real life around Seattle area.

So, it is quite evident that the possible new map in the upcoming sequel is inspired by a real-life setting, specifically Seattle, Washington.

The Last of Us 2” will be launched as an exclusive title on Sony's PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. The game does not have an official release date or launch window at the moment, and as per recent reports, it is still quite deep in development.