Virtual Reality in games is something that is being explored more and more as the time passes, but not all of the experiences through VR are meant to be fun. At Gamescom, a new VR game called "The Hard Way: A virtual reality Training Experience" has been launched by KFC, which is essentially a VR game, which focuses on training employees to cook the perfect KFC chicken. While the premise may sound ridiculous to some, KFC ensured that it plans to seriously the VR game to train its employees.

What is 'The Hard Way' about?

The game being developed will put the KFC employee under training in a simulated room with Colonel Sanders.

It is based on the hard way line, thus deriving its name from the same source. Players are locked in a room at the start of the game, while Col. Sanders claims that the room will only be unlocked if the player manages to learn how to create the perfect KFC chicken. The gameplay setting feels strange and weird for what the company is calling a training simulator.

Throughout the entire process of learning to cook the chicken and prepare it, Col. Sanders guides the players with helpful tips and tricks. It will also judge every piece of chicken that the player makes. The Colonel will ultimately grade the entire process, starting from rinsing to breading to frying. He also takes a shot at robots in the game calling them "pieces of dumb metal" that lack a soul.

If the player can make sure that the Colonel is satisfied with the cook, then he will open the door and also evaluate how the performance was.

The game looks so weird that many of those who saw the trailer laughed it off as a marketing stunt by KFC to make children and teenagers attracted to the brand. However, it seems the company is highly serious regarding the training simulation.

In fact, in a statement to PC Gamer, the developers stated that "The Hard Way" would be adapted as one of the earliest phases of training that have to be completed to receive the Chicken Mastery Certification. KFC feels that this form of training would also be more entertaining than the conventional method.

Previous use of technology in KFC products

Although this is by far the weirdest introduction of technology into KFC, there have been several other additions over the year. Huawei and KFC launched a smartphone together to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of the KFC brand. KFC also introduced Watt a Box, which was a food container but also acted as a powerbank.