virtual reality technology, or VR, has become quite popular among gamers since its release a few years ago. However, similar to all other tech items, consumers are sometimes left confused as to which one they should buy since many brands offer the same capabilities. Facebook launched the Oculus Rift, while Samsung launched the Gear VR. Microsoft announced its DayDream headset, while HTC launched the Htc Vive.

All of these devices have their pros and cons, but the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR are considered to be the best peripherals for virtual reality.

Other brands have fallen behind these two in terms of popularity and of sales. Now, in a bid to popularize the Vive VR from HTC, the company is reducing the price, so that people go for it instead of Oculus Rift or other VR headsets.

HTC Vive price reduction

Originally, the HTC Vive sported a price tag of $799, which is in line with its competitors. However, to make a greater impact in the market, the company has now cut down the price of the device by $200. Now, the device will cost $599. The reduction in price will also ensure that people are able to pick up the additional accessories for the headset, such as the Vive Tracker, launched earlier this year.

People who buy the HTC Vive will also be offered a free one-month subscription of Viveport, which is the official portal designed by the company.

Through this, purchasers will be able to access a selection of VR supported games for the first month without any additional payments. Vive US General Manager Dan O' Brien revealed that the company wanted to boost the global sales of its VR related products, and the holiday season approaching would make for the best time for the price cut to be levied.

The Oculus Rift from Facebook also underwent a price cut some months back, bringing it down to $599, the same as that of the HTC Vive. However, as part of the summer sale, the Facebook VR headset is currently retailing at prices as low as $399. HTC also revealed that it does not intend to make a newer generation of its VR headset anytime soon, which is a good sign for those waiting to save up enough money for the Vive.

O'Brian mentioned that the current Vive would most likely be supported throughout 2018 as well.

HTC Vive Business edition price will be unchanged

HTC also retails a $1,200 Business Edition for its Vive VR headset. It is specifically marketed to developers and organizations. O'Brien revealed that the price for this variant will not be reduced. He also claimed that the Business Edition accounts for a substantial amount of the income from VR sales to HTC.