Sony has recently released the details of the newest PlayStation 4 software updates according to its official blog post. The company will allow selected users to test the new features through a beta system.

Dubbed as “Nobunaga,” the latest updates on the PS4 system software presented various changes from the last setup. Sony’s official blog said that there will be major changes on features that include family controls on the network, management of friend lists, broadcasts, messages and notifications among many others. There will also be improvements on sound systems and quick interface menu.

Family on PSN

In the recent software update, there are changes on how family members control the access to the network. This promising system offers a better experience for families and guardians on the console. There will be new options that will make it easier to setup accounts of other members of the family, the blog stated.

The network will also let multiple adults to sign up under a single family group. Managers of families can now promote another member to parents and guardians status. Parents and guardians can control how their children use the device. According to IGN, all users had equal control for the children on the previous Software Update.

Customized friend lists

Aside from the family control panel, Sony also added a new “Custom Lists” tab within the players’ circle of friends.

According to the blog, the new tab lets users create and edit the friend lists.

Through this, it will now be easier to manage multiple friends and access various groups around the network. For instance, players can easily send specific invites to specific friends through the customization feature.

Share music through messages

Previously, users were able to share their music items over to Twitter and Facebook through PlayStation Music. The recent software update now gives them the capacity to share them through messages. The Sony blog post revealed that the recipient of the message can listen to the music items sent by “booting up Quick Menu.”

If they are on their mobile devices, the songs can be taken from the Spotify application using the PS Messages app.

There are also updates on notifications and improvements on viewer panels for tournament brackets, Sony added. The blog post also detailed other components of the update, that include improvements on Quick Menu interfaces as well.