"Re: Legend" was previously teased and successfully put up on Kickstarter. Now, the project continually gathers support from various fans and people, who saw the campaign on what the project is all about. With numerous patrons who fully support the said game, its campaign reached full support for the three consoles. The game is now fully funded for three consoles, it supports the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Along with these three consoles, the previously planned PC version is slated for release as well.

Other than the game ported to the said consoles, additional goals were achieved as well.

According to Gematsu, the following are: a new player shop, live orchestra recording, advanced house customization, underwater biome with new quests and collectibles, hidden legendary Magnus, and full voice acting. The team is hoping that the next goal will be reached in the future---which is the additional bachelor and bachelorettes. This will promote relationships and marriage in the game.

Switch console has great potential

Re: Legend is also a multiplayer game, which was also previously teased. Focusing on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, the game is stronger on these two platforms. Players will not only link up to others out there but also connect locally through the Switch's LAN Play feature.

On the other hand, numerous players have PlayStation 4 consoles already. This also adds the hype because PlayStation 4 can also link online to connect to other players for team battles.

Aside from battles, farming, fishing, and mining are present in the game. As a refresher, the game is likened to that of "Harvest Moon" and "Rune Factory" series.

The game has a hack-and-slash feature with farming, mining, and fishing simulation added in the mix.

Build relationships

Players will not only gain the trust of monsters called "Magnus" in Vokka Island but also build relationships with the townsfolk there. Through farming, fishing, and mining, they can gift materials or items to an NPC and build stronger relationships in time.

This is where Magnus Games' next goal comes in handy---the bachelor and bachelorettes. Hopefully, there is more information that will be disclosed soon.

Co-op monster raising RPG Re: Legend is planned for release in June 2018. For now, the team behind the game, Magnus Games, is working hard to provide a game with excellent quality. Moreover, they wish to provide an immersive gaming experience to all the people who supported their campaign.

Here is the game's trailer below that features the overall gameplay and life in Vokka Island: