Niantic Labs is leaving no stone unturned in a bid to lure back "Pokemon Go" players who have abandoned the game. Meanwhile, to keep the existing players occupied, the game developer introduced the legendaries.

The next Legendary

Another Legendary is headed to Niantic’s hit AR (augmented reality) mobile game. Trainers will soon be able to get their hands on Mewtwo; however, catching the coveted creature will be no child's play.

Soon after it was successfully caught during a Pokemon Go Stadium event that took place in Japan, Mewtwo was set free into the wild.

Here's how you can capture the recently unlocked Legendary at the next exclusive event, cashing in on the most known vulnerabilities and counteracts.

How to join Exclusive Raid Battle

A few players on Android and iOS will be able to delve into "Pokemon Go" Mewtwo Raids sooner rather than later. After releasing the Psychic-type in Japan, the game developers are reportedly prepping to launch it globally in the forthcoming weeks.

However, the burning question on every "Pokemon Go" player's mind is exactly how can they participate in the upcoming event and what are the most reliable Mewtwo counters and weakness.

First off, you have to be an active trainer who participates in regular "Pokemon Go" Raids since Mewtwo will be included in exclusive raids, which will regularly appear at Gyms worldwide.

The only way to join an Exclusive Raid Battle is via invitation. A report from Express claims until a trainer receives an invitation he/she will not be able to take part in one. Only Trainers who have recently completed a raid will be eligible to receive an exclusive Raid Battle invite.

The invitation will comprise details about when the Exclusive Raid will happen, giving them much needed time to get their act together and collaborate with other Trainers before going toe-to-toe with the mighty Raid Boss.

It still remains to be seen how much time Niantic will give Trainers before the Raid, which Express believes is more likely to be worthwhile in cities and towns. According to the site, rural Raids are already arduous enough, and there's no need to have players be able to return to a Gym for a specific time window.

Pokemon Go Hub reports Mewtwo boast an impressive CP (Combat Power) of 49430 and provides a maximum capture CP of 2275 (Level 20, perfect IV score).

How to catch Mewtwo?

As far as taking the Psychic type down is concerned, Tyranitar might prove to be the best choice as it can match strength with Mewtwo with the help of Dark moves.

Aside from that, there's a slew of other Pokemon you can count on to strengthen your lineups such as Gyarados and Gengar. However, it is imperative for you to bear in mind that these are likely to get burned up very soon.

With remarkably strong DARK type moves, coupled with the ability to withstand elite and Psychic stats, Tyranitar is the best Pokemon to take on Mewtwo.

That being said, Mewtwo can come with three Focus Blast FIGHTING (140 PWR) since its charge move, which will inflict massive lethal damage to a Tyranitar if it hits, PoGo Hub reports.

Trainers are not just advised to dodge, but dodging is deemed rather mandatory. Other counters are relatively simple, using Mewtwo’s type weaknesses. Trainers must bear in mind that almost every non-Tyrantiar counter mentioned above is rather feeble. Much to the delight of "Pokemon Go" players, Niantic said although Mewtwo will grease the way for these new Raids, it won't be the last creature to grace these newfangled Raids. Mewtwo is the first creature Trainers will encounter in Exclusive Raid Battles; however, there is a possibility that a myriad of other robust Pokemon could hatch from the Raid Eggs that are detected at Exclusive Raid Battles over the next few weeks, according to a statement from the company.