iPads are popular devices that can be used for multitasking purposes. The display quality provides an excellent experience when watching movies. You can also send emails and attend video conferences with the help of an iPad. However, apart from these functions, an iPad can be used for gaming as well.

Galaxy on Fire 3

If you love space based games, then this particular game can be a proper choice for you.

Here in this game, you have to make your way out by shooting enemy spaceships and at the same time, you have to protect your own as well. You also have to make sure that you are not shooting the friendly spaceships as well.

The graphics of the game are amazing and with the display quality of Ipad 2, you can get a very good experience while playing this space fighting game.

Steam World Heist

This is another game which is related to space. However, the perspective of the game is completely different than the aforementioned one. The game offers a side scrolling gameplay, however, there is a lot of strategies involved in the game. The player plays as a space pirate and the main objective of the game is to loot enemy spacecraft and making your way by shooting other enemy spacecraft. Steam World heist received very high ratings from many popular reviewers.

Therefore, if you have an iPad 2 then you can definitely try out this particular game.

Bullet Force

If you love to play first person shooting games on your iPad 2 then you can hardly get a better game than bullet force.The game will provide you with a fully customizable HUD. Simultaneously you can participate in the multiplayer action as well. The graphics and the gameplay of the Bullet force are also very attractive as well.

Therefore, if you are in a search of an FPS game you can definitely try out Bullet Force.

Super Mario Run

Now it is time to be a bit nostalgic. Most of us are associated with the name of Super Mario as most of us started our gaming by playing this game. Super Mario Run is more like a refurbished version of the game. The game will bring back a large number of Super Mario lovers in the stream.

So, if you are one of the Super Mario lovers then you can definitely play this game.

1979 revolution

The game features an exciting story and gameplay. It has an action adventure based gameplay. The game covers the story of the Iranian revolution. Simultaneously, as a player, you have to take some interesting decision throughout the game. So, it can be figured out, 1979 revolution can turn out as a very exciting game.