Hey, Pokemon Go fans! A new update that was recently released provides a ton of information on what Players can now know about their favorite Pokemon. In recent news, the "Species Data and Moveset Spreadsheet" has been updated and revamped. A Reddit user with the username DraconianMole provided the update.

Updated List.

Pokemon fans know that the strengths and weaknesses of their creatures, even outside the mobile app, are one of the most important aspects of the game. That's why it's so important for people to see species data and movesets, so that they can see what Pokemon can learn what and just how strong their moves can be.

The listed spreadsheet can be observed on the YouTube user account trnrtips and also on an analysis tool from Reddit user Professor_Kukui. Those lists were updated by the previously mentioned Reddit user DraconianMole. Here's a full list of what he did:

  • Added Lapras base stats
  • Ability to sort based on whether or not a Pokemon is legendary
  • Ability to sort unevolved versus evolved Pokemon
  • Include all typing in the ranking page
  • Addition of Generation 3 Pokemon statistics
  • And even more updates not mentioned!

These updates and analysis well help Pokemon Go players to better understand the types of Pokemon that they are using and how they can be effective.

How Exactly the Spreadsheet is Useful.

This resource allows players to avoid getting caught up in the idea of legendary Pokemon, as most movesets and abilities are nowhere near the level of a legendary like Moltres.

The analysis would have been distorted without the sort feature, but with it, players can easily find out the information they are looking for.

In addition, the information provided on the spreadsheet can tell us how defensive a Pokemon like Snorlax really is. With high HP and high defense, the strong normal type Pokemon can act as a wall.

However, the statistics of Pokemon in the app can vary widely based on movesets, which means that a creature like Snorlax can lose a lot of defense if it carries Lick instead of Zen Headbutt. This spreadsheet helps players of the popular app understand that.

Another Level.

Fans who want to truly dominate the Pokemon Go app should absolutely take advantage of this extremely valuable resource.

It's free, it's easy to access, and it gives out plenty of relevant information that will help users understand how to best utilize their Pokemon. Movesets just became way more important, so it's time for Pokemon Go fans to take a look at that spreadsheet and start creating a plan of attack to dominate the competition.