The seasonal event of the “Overwatch” video game is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Much like last year’s event, the Summer Games 2017 will come along with new cosmetic (available for a limited time), and the comeback of the special Lucioball mode.

The highlight of “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 would be the cosmetics, as it brings new skins for Junkrat, Widowmaker, Reaper, and Sombra, among others. Mercy's skin seems to represent Nike. However, compared to last year’s offerings, the new skins are less Olympics-centric. “Overwatch’s” offense hero, Soldier 76, will get the character on a Hawaiian shirt, sandals and in cargo shorts.

The assault rifle of Soldier 76 will be replaced with a weapon that features A Salt Rifle.

Game Rant reported that the “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 event would bring over 50 new seasonal items within the new loot boxes. Last year’s content will also be available during the new event. There’s also a possibility that players may even be treated with the new Legendary skin of the powerful frontline fighter, Doomfist.

Lucioball’s new map and 3v3 soccer mode

The second round of the event brings back another fan favorite hero, Lúcioball. The video game's event will come along with the character’s Olympic-themed Summer Games: 3v3 soccer mode. Aside from that, Lucioball will also get a new map, which will add a space in the Sydney field.

According to Daily Star, “Overwatch” gamers who left behind the casual bunny slopes can participate in the Copa Lúcioball, which will be a competitive mode with leaderboards, skill tiers as well as placement matches.

Event's cosmetic content

“Overwatch's” latest event will launch a number of summer-specific cosmetic content, however, not all of the content is fresh.

Experienced gamers would be able to recognize some sporting-themed stuff from the 2016 event. But, gamers can purchase the content with in-game currency.

While some players will be able to earn rewards from the Summer Games Loot Boxes, players can also purchase the new skins - Legendary Skins (3,000 credits), Epic Skins (750 credits), Rare tier (225 credits) and Common tier (75 credits).

Nonetheless, the event of the online first-person shooter video game will run from August 8 until August 28. However, unless the video game company decides to extend the event at a later date, players can expect to say goodbye to Lucioball on August 28.