"League of Legends," or commonly known as LoL, adds a new demi-god to its ever growing roster of champions. Video game developer and publisher Riot Games introduced the newest addition to their developing pool of playable characters, "Ornn, The Fire Below the Mountain."

Ornn is a master forger and an expert craftsman and is said to be the first-born of his kind. He yearned to fight from the time he was born and found himself unmatched by those that surrounded him. Ornn fought with the trees and found that they snapped far too easily against his trusty hammer.

The icebergs melted as he touched them and immediately made their way back to the seas.

In his anger, Ornn clobbered a mountain, but he found the mass of land did not yield and was satisfied to have found a worthy adversary. When Ornn grew tired he gave his opponent righteous recognition and the land responded by bestowing Ornn with a gift. From the heart of the land opened a fiery pit which showed Ornn the very heart of the ground and the mysteries that lie hidden beneath, the land gave him the gift of primordial flame. With this mastery, Ornn began to craft the strongest and most ancient of weapons.

The mountainsmith is expected to be a game changer when he comes in the game's latest patch which is expected to arrive late this August.

The demigod will have skills no other character has that will make the teams playing with Ornn gain the upper hand, with a unique passive ability, Ornn can definitely turn the tide of battle.

Living Forge

This passive skill will allow him to forge items by spending gold whenever he is not engaged in combat. The demigod will also have a forge menu with recommended items to select to be forged.

It takes four seconds to forge an item which is automatically disabled when he participates in combat, which will also allow Ornn's teammates to purchase special upgrades though each player is only limited to have one masterwork upgrade at a time.

Ornn will have eight masterwork items that will be made available to his teammates as well: Infinity Edge which upgrades into Molten Edge, Trinity Force which upgrades into Trinity Fusion, Abyssal Mask which upgrades into Infernal Mask, Rabadon's Deathcap which upgrades into Rabadon's Deathcrown, The Black Cleaver which upgrades into The Obsidian Cleaver, Sunfire Cape which upgrades into Forgefire Cape, Redemption which upgrades into Salvation and Locket of the Iron Solari which upgrades into Circlet of the Iron Solari.

Unparalleled advantage

Ornn is a blacksmith, which means that he does not have to return to his base to upgrade his skills. His passive ability allows him to do just that anywhere for as long as he is not in combat. This will change how players interact, plan, attack and ultimately win because of the advantage he brings to the table.