Atlas Rises, the third update on Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" received its third patch note, which contains details on some "quality-of-life improvement." According to Gamespot, the patch includes significant fixes for the audio cues, binocular scanning and selected fixes on certain bugs and issues. As part of the patch, at least 50 issues were resolved including graphic enhancement.

The update delivered "No Man's Sky" its much-needed content, structure and overall appearance. Despite the game's positive reaction from fans, the game disappointed in terms of lack of storyline and redundant missions.

Soon after, Hello Games begin to address the mounting issues that led to team's quiet approach to the issues. Fans, on the other hand, remained hopeful they would get the promised game with more feel and lit to it.

Atlas Rises third patch notes

Some of the key features introduced in "No Man's Sky's" Atlas Rises include fixes on the terrain, traveling to another galaxy where, in the end, you still see yourself in the same galaxy you left. New markers for rare graves and waypoints were not included in the current mission points. All of these notes can be found on the official website of No Man's Sky.

Following the release of The Foundation update and Path Finder update, the developer hopes to further improve "No Man's Sky" in Atlas Rises.

Meanwhile, Kotaku revealed that players who colonized a new galaxy will have to find a whole new home for its adventures. After the update, the home base named Galactic Hub became unrecognizable, prompting players to seek and create new homes in the galaxy.

Fans comments about the new update

Atlas Rises changed some of the important things that players learned to love.

In a subreddit post featured on Kotaku, one player said that he used to be able to visit four farms and collect what they call a Nip Nip plant. After the update, the farms became inaccessible. The player further added, "They no longer exist as either the [player] has moved on or the update ruined their bases.”

Apparently, traveling to such farms has allowed Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" players to earn money to use on their missions.

The "Drogradur," known as the Flora and Fauna is now witnessed as a plain frozen wasteland with no use. Another player also said: "The reset turned it into a barren planet with completely different geography."

Hello Games has not addressed this issue nor confirmed whether the new update affected the home base.