For PlayStation fans, it is always exciting when Sony announces new free games to be added to the PlayStation Plus services. Sure, it ends up being disappointing more often than not, but we cannot help but get excited whenever the last Wednesday of the month rolls by.

The games for September have yet to be formally announced by Sony, so take this with a small pinch of salt, but a leaked ad on Facebook suggests that players and PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to "Infamous Second Son" and "Child of Light" for next month.

'inFamous Second Son'

The DLC, "First Light", was given away on PlayStation Plus before, so it would be great to receive the full game. Although it is considered the weakest of the three main "inFamous" titles, mostly due to the poor storyline, "Second Son" is still an exhilarating open world action game and worth playing. The incredible amount of destruction players can cause is a sight to behold, with an impressive array of powers to unlock. Graphically, it looks fantastic, despite being a launch title.

The story takes place seven years after the events of "inFamous 2", and players control Delsin Rowe. The plot is smaller scale than Cole's adventure, as it focuses primarily on a small town.

The main conflict is between Delsin and his brother, but it lacks the depth to really make the experience engaging.

Still, it is an AAA title and a lot of fun to play through.

'Child of Light'

"Child of Light" is one of Square Enix's best JRPGs in recent years. It might not have the budget or open world environment of something like "Final Fantasy XV", but it actually manages to accomplish nearly everything it sets out to do.

The turn-based combat is simple but requires enough thought that it never becomes automatic.

The story might be a bit cliche, but the world is populated with colorful and memorable characters that add a great amount of personality into every frame. The dialogue is told completely in rhyme, which can get a bit grating; since the plot is only about 10 hours long, it never gets too annoying.

Whether this leak proves to be true or not, either of these games would be a worthwhile addition to the catalog available on the subscription service. Players are constantly asking for more high profile releases, instead of indie titles, and this would prove to be one of the best months since the launch of the PlayStation 4. We are reaching that point where the current generation has been going on long enough that it is reasonable to expect a few AAA titles.