Game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yuya Tokuda have revealed important information about their latest video game “Monster Hunter: World” in an exclusive interview. They revealed details about the maximum players it can have, quests that can be downloaded, and more.

Maximum number of players explained

The game producer insisted that their video game will only have four players. While he insisted that there is no other maximum number of players in it, he teased that there might be something new later in the following trailers soon. There might be some hints that they will plant in each trailer, so he said to be ready.

Player lobby to hold 16 people

The game director revealed that the lobby would be able to hold 16 players on it. This will be a place where they can gather around and see the other players on their unique set of armor. They can also chat with the other players that will hang around the gathering hall.

Changes to the Quest Ranking system

In the latest “Monster Hunter: World,” it will have the same ranking as it did with the reviews game titles, but with some additions and changes. Tokuda revealed that they wanted the players actually to care about the story and it continues throughout the High-Rank quests. Ryozo assured that the game would have a solid story to follow this time around.

Open world size more on breadth

Tokuda revealed that their open world maps would not be about how wide it is because they do not want it to be empty. They want them to have more details and have more content for players to navigate through. He said that other games wanted their maps to be wider, but the issue was that it did not have a lot of content for players to interact with.

Free downloadable quests tradition continued

This upcoming game title will continue the tradition of its free downloadable content, but it will have a difference. This time around, players will have the opportunity to take on time limited quests that will reward them with unique items. These items will only be available to that quest too, but they promised that they would have more types of quests coming.

Monster companions

Palico cats will still be available in this game, but there will be other native cats in it. It will have a new system where the Palicos can become friends with the native cats and learn their language of the smaller monsters. After learning these words, they can converse with the monsters and let them join in the quests temporarily.

Ryozo teased that these monsters might have special abilities. He suggested that players should make the most of their time letting these monsters join their quest because they are only temporary allies.

Egg quests now better

Tokuda teased that in “Monster Hunter: World,” the egg quests will still be in it, but it will have a new way of carrying those troublesome items. He revealed that it will have a better way of carrying the eggs now, but they cannot reveal the specific action yet.

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