"Jurassic World" and its predecessors are movies that have ensured their place in pop culture as iconic dinosaur movies. Outside of the sequels, a lot of merchandise has been made, distributed and sold.

Because of this, it is not surprising to see that Frontier, the developer of the classic remake/sequel "Elite: Dangerous," is looking to make a video game that is based on "Jurassic World." The game will be called "Jurassic World Evolution" and is reported to be a management type game that lets players experience how to run a dinosaur-filled theme park.

Run a dinosaur-filled theme park

There is not much that is known about the game yet, but what details we have is enough to keep us on our toes. "Jurassic World Evolution" will be a sort of tycoon game. This is fitting as the premise of the game is that the player will be running a theme park filled with genetically-engineered dinosaurs.

Of course, it is reasonable to think that profit is at the heart of "Jurassic World Evolution." One can see the game offering a similar experience to "Rollercoaster Tycoon," but instead of meticulously planning roller coaster track configurations, you figure out the best way to run a dinosaur-filled theme park with the least hitch and hassle involved.

Genetic engineering and stunning visuals

However, where "Rollercoaster Tycoon" mostly demands that players figure out the correct placement of attractions. "Jurassic World Evolution" will have another dimension to it: bioengineering. The game will not only be about figuring out the most efficient use of space. It will also be asking players to create new dinosaur breeds; a huge step from what the scientists at Isla Nublar accomplished, as was explained in the book franchise.

There is very little actual footage from the game yet, but several reports say that the graphics are pretty much a feast for the eyes. "The visuals in the 'Jurassic World Evolution' trailer are also surprisingly epic… [the game] will fill the screen with detailed dinos. And, as the trailer shows, there will be visually striking dinosaur attacks and plenty of danger in the game, as well as the theme park fun," Rob Leane writes for Screen Rant.

There have been several video games made for "jurassic park," but sadly, almost none of them garnered the hype and popularity that is worthy of such an iconic franchise. It seems that game developers Frontier wants to change that, as "Jurassic World Evolution" promises to bring an authentic dinosaur theme-park experience.