The Nintendo Switch is doing well in its first few months -- it does have a problem, though. People can't purchase the console when they want to! Unless you live in an area where there is a constant stock you probably can't buy it right now. Fear not, here are some tips that might help you buy one before the fall.

Where to look for one

To find a Switch you're going to have to change your way of thinking -- people sign up for notifications or have websites bookmarked. So you're going to have to do a little more Searching than you would have to with normal products.

First I recommend checking out your local retailers, they might have one in stock for you if you ask politely and regularly. Some stores have the consoles without requiring you to purchase a bundle -- GameStop recently had some available last week. If you can't find the console at your local stores you can try online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Gameflip, Offer up, and more.

Amazon sometimes has deals for Amazon Prime members where they can get a Switch for the retail price. Gameflip sellers post their bundles on there as well, but be careful because they usually try selling their bundles at a high price. If you still can't find a Switch Nintendo has a pre-order service where you can custom order one.

However, this is only in Japan for now -- we may get a similar service for the west but only time will tell.

Why is it difficult to find one?

Apple and Nintendo use similar parts within their devices so supplies are limited. Nintendo is trying to secure more stock before the fall but recent events are going to make it difficult.

Nintendo has a lawsuit right now against accessory maker Gamevice, they claim Nintendo violated a patent for their wikipad. The Wikipad is an Android-based tablet which also has similar mechanics to the Switch. If Gamevice happens to win the lawsuit this would make it harder to produce more consoles.

Nintendo would also have to pay for the damages and may need to recall some consoles as well.

The holiday season is also coming up and this makes finding a Switch difficult as well. If you plan on shopping during Black Friday you will need to be fast, people will be waiting outside and lining up to buy these. Places like GameStop and Best Buy will only have so many for online and in-store orders. You can try your luck at importing one but it will be more expensive with shipping and pricing. Finding a Nintendo Switch will prove to be challenging for some but hopefully there will be easier ways to purchase one in the future.