Pokemon Sun and Moon” trainers in the US now have a chance to pick up a free code for the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow beginning Oct. 9 from participating GameStop stores. Up till now, this is the only official way to obtain the creature. This is yet another distribution announced by Nintendo that has got players excited.

Special powers

Marshadow is a dual Fighting/Ghost-type critter, and it will come equipped with attacks such as Shadow Ball, Force Palm, Close Combat and Spectral Thief. During the battle, it will also be able to unleash the Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move, as it will come with the unique Z-Crystal, Marshadium Z.

Salazzle and Marshadow up for grabs

Unlike previous distributions, the Marshadow one will be up for grabs for a much shorter time and end on Oct. 23. GameStop stores will be distributing codes for battle-ready Salazzle up to Sept. 4. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players should not miss this opportunity to grab a free Marshadow.

How to pick up the Mythical Pokemon?

The process is the same as other distribution codes. Players need to select the Mystery Gift option from the games’ menu and choose to receive the monster through the code/password. If one has the code ready, he/she must enter the same, and pick up Marshadow from the Deliveryman inside a Pokemon Center.

'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' coming

There is no word on whether the giveaway codes are limited to only one person.

Many trainers visit multiple GameStop stores to get more than one code. This new distribution comes weeks before Pokemon “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” are released. According to Polygon, the Pokemon Company had teased the Fighting and Ghost type for several months before revealing it in full this spring. Dataminers discovered Marshadow just weeks after “Sun and Moon” released in Fall 2016.

Combo Pack and Bonuses

Meanwhile, a recent update has revealed that Nintendo will soon be offering a Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack for the “Ultra” games. The pack will consist of a code to download 200 PokeBalls, 16 art cards and both the games. The pack will launch on Nov. 17 and would cost about $80 (confirmed by Nintendo). Players first came to know about the pack through an Amazon listing in July that had the same price tag.

Trainers who grab the “Ultra” games before Jan. 10, 2018, will receive a Rockruff as free DLC gift. “Gold and Silver” is also expected to come out on 3DS eShop on Sept. 22. Stay tuned on Blasting News for more updates on Pokemon games.