"Fairy Tail" is a popular shounen anime that recently wrapped up its second season. The final season is scheduled for 2018. Although it never reached a level of popularity comparable to "One Piece" or "Naruto," it is still considered one of the biggest series of the last decade, with a slew of fun characters and decent animation by A-1 Pictures.

"Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey," is developed by GameSamba. The anime, based on a manga series by Hiro Mashima, will launch its beta version on September 7.

Free-to-play browser game

Taking a page from "Naruto Online," "Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey" will be a free-to-play browser game that allows players to create their own unique wizard.

This is actually fantastic news, as most anime games tend to put the player in the shoes of the main character from the series or some nameless god that controls a team without having any personality or presence of their own.

Creating your own character allows the player to feel more like they are actually a part of the world, and this creates a genuine sense of progression. After creating their own wizard, "Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey" will see players recruiting other wizards from the anime or characters created by other players into their own guild.

New story

So far, the gamers have no access to information about the story content. However, the gaming world does know that the content will be original, designed specifically for the game.

That is already fantastic news, as it would have been easy to just rehash the anime's storyline instead of allowing us to feel like we are really impacting the events happening within the universe. Creators have made sure this will one will be ruled by the gamers. It's a gamer's story -- one that is still progressing and does not have a predetermined end.Obviously, the developers decide where the story will be heading, but at-least we would be in the dark while playing it.

Obviously, the game developers will decide where and how the story will be heading. Nevertheless, unlike most other games, the players won't be left in the dark.

Turn-based game?

In terms of gameplay, there just is nothing to go on at the moment. It could be a turn-based game, as that type of gameplay is popular for a web browser.

However, it remains to be seen if the player gets to control the team when heading to battle, which again lends strength to the prediction that the game will be turn-based.

The beta version launches on September 7.