On August 15, "For Honor" Season Pass holders will finally be able to get their hands on the season 3 content from Ubisoft. As with most new content, season pass holders get first dibs beginning August 15, with the rest of the population getting it a week later on August 22. To give players a better glimpse of what's to come, Ubisoft released several new trailers for the new maps and heroes that are making their way to the game this week.

The upcoming DLC titled "Grudge and Glory" will feature two new heroes in the form of the Highlander from Vikings faction and the Gladiator from the Knights faction.

It also features two new maps, the Viking Village and the Sentinel, homelands to both new playable characters. Meanwhile, the DLC will also include a slew of balancing adjustments, as well as legendary gear and colorblind mode, Comic Book reported.

Who are the Highlanders and Gladiators?

The new heroes "For Honor" season pass holders will meet when season 3 arrives on August 15 are the Highlanders and Gladiators. The Highlanders are described as "stoic and guarded," "patient heroes" who have the ability to utilize two fighting forms, defensive and offensive. Their defensive capabilities feature counter attacks and blows that are damaging, while their offensive powers utilize their heaviest and longest swords in the game, making for an intimidating opponent.

Gladiators, on the other hand, are warriors who are equipped with a trident and shield and are gifted with a more massive stamina meter and less coll down times for better agility. As fighters, they're described as "brash and boastful," and don't need much armor at all.

New maps to explore

In the upcoming "For Honor" season 3 DLC, players will be able to explore two new maps, the Knight-themed Sentinel set in a fortress with a cliffside watchtower, and the Viking Village that is a deserted town with a mead hall and streets.

Aside from maps, the season 3 update also features several duel updates. For Overwatch, players will notice that trap doors won't open at match start anymore. Duel locations on broken bridges have also been updated to accommodate larger fighting spaces. As for Tower Ruins, duel locations on balcony catwalks now have full railings in the lookout view.

There are no more duel locations at top of towers.

"For Honor" season 3 titled "Grudge and Glory" arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow, August 15 for season pass holders and August 22 for everyone else.