Back in February, Ubisoft released the highly anticipated hack and slash game, "For Honor," which introduced three factions — knights, samurai, and Vikings. The game was received with generally favorable reviews, and the studio has continued to support it. In fact, this August, Ubisoft is set to release season 3 of "For Honor," which features a slew of new content. Titled "Grudge & Glory," the upcoming third season of the game will introduce even more heroes and maps, as well as a 1v1 mode that players across consoles and PC would be interested in participating in.

According to Gamespot, all of this free content will be made available to Season Pass holders beginning August 15, while those who do not have the Season Pass will get their hands on the new content a week later on August 22.

New characters coming in season 3

One of the things that "For Honor" players can look forward to when "Grudge & Glory" arrives in August are two new playable characters in the form of the Highlander and Gladiator. The Highlander is from the Viking faction, while the Gladiator is from the Knight faction. The Highlanders are described as "patient heroes" equipped with the defensive and offensive fighting forms, giving them two ways to battle it out with their opponents. The Highlander is also equipped with the longest and heaviest sword in the game, providing them with extensive strength and range.

Meanwhile, the Gladiator is equipped with a trident and shield and has a "larger stamina meter" that can deliver massive attacks.

Two new maps featured in 'Grudge & Glory'

When "Grudge & Glory" arrives this August 15 (for Season Pass holders) and August 22 (for regular players), it'll also feature two new maps to explore. According to PC Gamer, there will be two maps called Sentinel, which is set in an old castle, and Viking Village, which is pretty self-explanatory.

The maps will each feature unique terrains and environmental hazards that players will have to tread lightly through to ensure their safety while battling it out with other "For Honor" players.

Updates also available coming in August

Along with the "Grudge & Glory" Season 3 update, Ubisoft is also set to introduce new legendary gear rarity to "For Honor." In addition, the new maximum reputation for all heroes is now upped to 40.

Players will also be happy to know that 1v1 duel tournaments have now been made available to players on all platforms. Gameplay updates and balancing adjustments are also to be expected with this update. As for the near future, fans can look forward to the 4v4 ranked modes, which are set to be released later this year. "For Honor" is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.