"BioShock" is one of the defining games from the previous generation, as it combined an engaging and deep narrative with fun FPS mechanics. Developed by Irrational Games and released by 2K Games, the original title landed on shelves on August 21, 2007. As a celebration of its ten year anniversary, 2K Games decided to bring out the champagne and put together a fancy new anniversary edition for the hefty price of $199.99. Is it worth it?

The Big Daddy and Little Sister status is impressive

The anniversary edition is going for quality over quantity, as it includes only a physical copy of the PS4 or Xbox One version of "BioShock: The Collection" and an 11-inch statue recreating the iconic cover art of Irrational Games' original release.

Basing it only on the images released by 2k Games, the figure of Big Daddy and Little Sister is rather impressive and, hopefully, well made. The drill is mechanized, and the statue emits light and sound.

"BioShock: The Collection" contains the remastered versions of "BioShock," "BioShock 2", and "BioShock Infinite," which was released last year. It includes all their associated DLC, with the second games' multiplayer being the only thing missing. Remastered by Blind Squirrel Games, it is a worthwhile collection which brings together a fantastic trilogy in one neat little package.

The collection can be purchased from multiple stores, online and offline, for around $30. It is even cheaper on Steam; therefore, its inclusion in the anniversary edition should play no factor in whether to buy it or not.

2K Games confirmed how this version would be available only in the US and in select stores, justifying the price tag by stating that it is truly a limit collector's edition. To be fair, the statue could end up being worth considerably more than $200 further down the line.

A 'BioShock' retrospective

"BioShock" remains one of most critically acclaimed games of all time, receiving near-universal praise for its story, immersion, and the political undertones seen throughout.

The visuals were ahead of their time and held up well today, with the fun gameplay arguably being the only unspectacular element of the entire package. This slight shortcoming was improved upon in its two sequels; with "BioShock 2", especially, offering a great FPS experience.

"BioShock" definitely influenced the industry and served as inspiration for some of the more story-driven games released today. Unfortunately, most tend to neglect gameplay, but titles like "We Happy Few" owe a great deal to Irrational Games' groundbreaking game.