Western-themed games have gained popularity among many online gamers and one of the most anticipated games is Rockstar Games' "Red Dead Redemption 2." But with the recent announcement regarding the delay with the game's release, gaming enthusiasts seemed to have shifted their attention to 612 Games' upcoming title, "Wild West Online."

Since "RDR 2" won't be released until the second quarter of 2018, all interests are now with 612 Games' new PC title, "Wild West Online," which was initially revealed in May when a developer posted the game's screenshot on a GTA 5 forum.

Many believed that it was a leaked photo of "RDR 2" because it also showed a sneak peek of the game's Wild West setting, combat, and other activities, not to mention the presence of horses and ranches.

Similarities to other games

The Wild West-themed game depicts the tale of a character as they embark on a bounty hunt for an outlaw, who will be brought to justice. Many gaming fanatics hinted that "Wild West Online" has similarities to "Red Dead Redemption," especially when it comes to its setting but there are also some who claims that the game is more "Skyrim"-like.

The video of the game also hinted some interesting details such as a realm with a "self-sustaining group of players" who create and complete jobs.

The game is currently available for pre-order that will allow players to gain access to its closed alpha, which will commence in the summer, and beta.

Furthermore, purchasing the "Wild West Online" before July 20 will offer gamers an exclusive character and a horse. They will also few other bonuses and gun skins.

'Red Dead Redemption 2' release date

Meanwhile, the release of "RDR 2" has been delayed to the second quarter of 2018. Rockstar Games announced the delay before the E3 2017 event in June. According to the game's developer, the game will be launched in the spring of 2018 on the gaming platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As for the reason of the delay, Rockstar explained they need "some extra time to ensure that they can deliver the best experience" for all "RDR" fans. They also apologized for the disappointment caused by the delay and released a series of latest screenshots to appease the fans.

Cross-platform multiplayer feature for 'RDR 2'

Another reason for the delay is Rockstar's plan to add a cross-platform multiplayer feature between Xbox One and PS4. However, this news is still considered a rumor as the details for the game's multiplayer features are yet to be revealed.

To make the "Red Dead Redemption" spinoff more interesting, Rockstar vowed to add an "emotional" element to the game's narrative, as well feature a large-scale online component. But it remains indefinite if the upcoming game is a prequel or a sequel to its predecessor.