Fans of Resident Evil: Revelations” have been waiting a long time for an update regarding the game’s PS4 version. Now, it seems like the game developer, Capcom has officially announced that they plan on launching the game’s PS4 and Xbox One version in US and Europe sometime in fall. Meanwhile, the game will be released in Japan by the end of August.

Game is almost completed

As reported by Gamespot, Capcom officially announced earlier this week that “Resident Evil: Revelations” PS4 and Xbox One version has completed its preparation stage. They further went on to state that the game will be made available in the Japanese market by August 31.

The game developer, however, did not mention any particular release date for the US and European market as yet. If reports are believed to be true, then “Resident Evil: Revelations” PS4 and Xbox One versions will be launched in the US and European market towards the end of this year’s fall.

Quality will be improved

The report further goes on to emphasize upon the key details that the game is going to come tagged along with. “Resident Evil: Revelation,” will apparently come featuring enhanced 1080 pixels visuals, that will greatly improve the game-viewing experience. The upcoming game will be seen taking much of its inspiration from the original version. The game developer reportedly gave the fans a glimpse into what can be expected from “Resident Evil: Revelations” in May of this year.

As per what was provided by the game developer, it seems like the game’s story-line will essentially revolve around Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. These two characters will be seen playing the role of dual protagonists, who will essentially battle it out with all the monsters and zombies. The journey is especially an interesting one because these two characters are strong.

As reported by Gemastu, the game first came to being back in 2012. The game was thereafter interpreted into different versions and variants in order to be compatible with multiple gaming platforms including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. Since the beginning, the game surrounds the journey of Jill and Chris. At first, they were seen battling it out with Queen Zenobia in "Resident Evil 4" and 5.

A sequel was brought to reality in the following years. As far as the price of game is concerned, it is safe to assume that the game will hardly cost around $19.99. Interested gamers can check out more information regarding the upcoming on their official website.