While there is an already existing first-person mode in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” gamers will soon be able to play in a server that will enable them to play the game in first person. Developer Bluehole recently announced that first-person servers are to come in the next monthly update.

The news, which was announced by BrendanPlayerUnknownGreene himself on Twitter, means it will make the already challenging game even harder, but fans greeted it with arms wide open, praising the creative director for the game’s speed-of-light pipeline.

Fans love it hardcore

Greene’s tweet had garnered thousands of likes and retweets, with most fans raving about the news. He later added that the servers will be exclusive to Europe and North American solo and duo games first, but will expand to other regions once the system is polished.

Replying to Greene’s tweet, user @Moondye7 said, “This makes me beyond happy, I want to hug you Brendan [sic].” “Very Exciting! I look forward to 1st person taking off with the addition of the FOV slider,” @HalifaXafilaH wrote. “Thank you for all the hard work getting it ready.”

Sammie Kang, lead community manager for the game, later confirmed that the first-person will indeed have an FOV slider.

FOV sliders are important for those who suffer from motion sickness, since a narrow field-of-view can sometimes prevent them from playing.

When ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ becomes even better

Battlegrounds” players have the option to toggle between first-person and third-person mode freely, with third-person offering a wider perspective for outdoor navigations.

Meanwhile, the first-person mode is more challenging, as it’s critical for lining up a shot around obstacles and indoors. This means those who haven’t gotten the feel of what first-person is like will definitely have a hard time adjusting.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’” Week 16 update meanwhile launched in full yesterday.

Numerous tweaks have been applied, including the ability to “always spectate your teammate’s screen in color.” What this month’s update generally focused on is the game’s UI, fixing the stutter suffered by the pre-flight care package plane. Moreover, players need not automatically zoom in after being revived by a teammate in duos and squad play.

In other “Battlegrounds” news, the hit first-person shooter has partnered with Facebook to bring exclusive streaming content to that platform. The weekly streams have already started, which Bluehole said will highlight different aspects of the game community. Videos will first be hosted by community managers, and will later be compered by content creators within their network.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback, was released March 23 via Early Access on Steam. Its creative director, Brandan Greene, is co-developing the game with veteran team at Bluehole to create the most diverse and robust Battle Royale experience to date.