"Overwatch's" newest tank, Doomfist, just received a buff in the latest stealth patch. Several players noticed a monumental change in Doomfist's Rocket Punch. According to several online posts and videos, Doomfist and his Super Jump are back. I hate to say that I told you so.

A couple weeks ago, Blizzard issued a major nerf that reduced the Rocket Punch's maximum range. This occurred only two days after Doomfist's release on the PTR. The distance would change from 30 meters to roughly 20-23 meters. Players saw this coming as the Rocket Punch just seemed unfair.

However, fate would place all the power back in Doomfist's great ol' fist.

Here we go again...

Players have discovered that they can cancel the Rocket Punch animation by jumping towards the end of the ability animation. "So what?" you might ask. If you time this jump correctly, you can continue moving extra 10 meters. This puts Doomfist's maximum range back in the 30-meter category it was before. Similar to the huge vertical leap we saw previously, timing is everything.

The timing will require some practice, but it's definitely worth your patience. Jumping too late will cause Doomfist to perform a simple vertical jump. Too early and the Rocket Punch will end. Blizzard and its "Overwatch" team have not released anything official about the patch.

With the official Doomfist release on July 27, we can assume they are reaching a final product.

A baffled Blizzard

Can Blizzard make up their minds within the next week? Initially, the Rocket Punch was too powerful. Now, we are reverting back to its almighty ways. I get that the PTR is a chance for Blizzard to fine-tune some things.

Yet, there seems to be a general lack of vision for Doomfist and a discrepancy between making him a tank and an overpowered tank. It would be nice to hear some feedback from developers in the future.

The consensus on the new patch is simple: The Rocket Punch is awesome again. I spent 20 minutes playing around with Doomfist's improved toy.

I felt like a kid again and was thoroughly entertained with the new feature. This is how humans must have felt when they discovered fire. I look forward to seeing how Blizzard will react. Once more players discover the feature, will it be unfair again? If so, will Blizzard nerf it once more? Whatever choice they end up making, it will surely come from examining the PTR. We will see if anything else happens before his release next week.