Blizzard recently introduced Doomfist to the "Overwatch" PTR and the character is slated to arrive at the full game this July 27. His arrival sparked disappointment among fans when they found out that the new playable character isn't voiced by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Terry Crews, an avid fan of the game and a good friend of the Blizzard team. Crews has previously expressed his desire to lend his voice to the new playable character, and fans were quick to back him up on his dreams of voicing Doomfist. The idea fell through, however, and Doomfist was instead voiced by actor and director Sahr Ngaujah.

Blizzard's team recently shed light on why they didn't pick Crews to be the voice of Doomfist, and here's what they had to say.

Blizzard was looking for 'something very specific' for Doomfist

This year's San Diego Comic Con was a blast, with most major film studios offering new trailers and content for their upcoming endeavors. Blizzard also contributed to the event, during which they hosted a Doomfist cosplay. According to Gamespot, Blizzard developers also took some time to discuss the new playable character, who will make its way to the full game this July 27. But what most fans wanted to find out was the reason why Terry Crews did not lend his voice to Doomfist and why voice actor Sahr Ngaujah was cast instead.

According to Blizzard senior designer Michael Chu, he and the rest of the team building Doomfist were "looking for something very specific" because of the character's role in the game. It didn't take very long for them to decide on Ngaujah, as it was only in the earlier parts of the audition process when they decided that he best fit the role of Doomfist.

Chu explained that Ngaujah truly brought different "flavors" to the character and was also able to "bring all these different aspects of the character to life."

There's no bad blood between Terry Crews and Blizzard

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Terry Crews admitted that there's no bad blood between him and Blizzard, and even hinted at a future project with them.

He shared, "If I ever do anything with Blizzard, you watch: it’ll be perfect. With those guys, we’re all friends, we’re all good. I think there will be something coming down the line." While Crews may not be in "Overwatch," the actor is in Microsoft's upcoming "Crackdown 3," in which he plays Commander Jaxon, as per ComicBook. A new trailer featuring the character has just been released, viewable below.