Several “Overwatch” players were unhappy with the recent changes to Roadhog, as it is difficult to one-shot his opponents. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to offer detailed patch notes, but the game’s principal designer, Geoff Goodman, opened up about the potential defensive buffs of the Tank hero.

Roadhog’s nerf

Roadhog gamers were disappointed when the video game company nerfed the Tank hero seemingly into oblivion. Bullet damage of the “Overwatch” character went down by 33 percent, with the fire rate boosted by 30 percent and the hero’s clip size increased from 4 to 5.

But, the adjustments changed the way the character was played and took away the hero’s one-shot ability.

Development team’s solution

Nonetheless, according to PVP Live, “Overwatch” gamers might be in for a treat, as the development team could launch a few solutions for the character. In a post on the game’s forum, the principal designer stated that the development team is testing a buff to the Take A Breather ability of Roadhog. The internal testing build has the game’s Tank hero taking around 50 percent less damage when healing, Roadhog is also allowed to at move full speed while using his ability. Goodman stated that the two changes combined would certainly make Roadhog significantly more difficult to annihilate.

Meanwhile, “Overwatch” director Jeff Kaplan sheds light on what a player should expect. MIC reported that the director stated that he is hoping to have these changes in the public test realm (PTR) as soon as possible, however, Kaplan didn’t announce the release date of the adjustments. Kaplan added that some changes for other heroes of the video game are on the way.

Meanwhile, as reported by Dote Sports, the game’s forum is flooded with players’ posts arguing about who the first-person shooter video game is balanced for. Several gamers believe that the game is balanced for casual players, while others claimed that the game is only balanced for professional players.

However, game director Kaplan made it known that both ideas are wrong.

Kaplan stated that both are tremendous oversimplifications of what the company’s thought process is. Kaplan added that casual and competitive are both essential to the video game company.

In spite of that, the “Overwatch” community is not convinced. Players are unhappy with the director's response. But, as the majority of the gamers are on the casual side, it's unlikely that the video game company will head way from that direction.