Fans of the reality augmented game "Pokemon GO" from Niantic would be glad to know that this August, there will be two additional Legendary Pokemon available to collect. The announcement came via the game's official Twitter account, which showed that that Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos will be available in Raid Battles beginning July 31. The addition of the three new Legendaries is to be expected, especially with the first year anniversary of the game recently held earlier this month. "Pokemon GO" first hit iOS and Android in July 6, 2016, during which it took the world by storm, one region at a time.

It became one of the fastest games to top the App Store and Google Play, overthrowing "Clash Royale." While the game was met with several technical issues during its release, it still proved to be an enjoyable game that placed gamers on the streets instead of on their couches.

Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos coming to 'Pokemon Go' soon

According to Gamespot, Articuno is already available in "Pokemon GO," and will continue to be available up until July 31. Moltres, on the other hand, will arrive on July 31 to August 7, while Zapdos will follow suit on August 7 up to August 14. Players can catch these specific creatures if they participate in Raid Battles. Just over the weekend, Legendary Pokemon Articuno and Lugia were made available in Raid Battles.

Niantic even added several rewards to players over the weekend, so they could enjoy Double Stardust, Double Candy, Double XP, increased Pokemon encounters, reduced hatching distance, and reduced buddy distance. It's interesting to see how the new additions figured into the game, as some players renewed their interest in the augmented game, but the anniversary was less enthusiastically received by many, Gamespot reported.

Niantic extends its rewards

The aforementioned rewards for players of "Pokemon GO" has been extended up to July 27, thanks to some technical issues that players encountered throughout the recent Pokemon Go Fest event.

Those who are still interested in participating should know that the rewards, including double XP, double Candy, and double Stardust, will be available up until July 27 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET/1 a.m. BST on July 28. "Pokemon Go" is now available for both iOS and Android, surpassing 100 million downloads on Google Play. About 60 million users play the game worldwide, with 12 million of them having daily logins. To learn more, visit