If there is one thing that annoys “Overwatch” players more than anything else, it’s just how duplicates tend to pop up in loot boxes. It appears a new patch just released from Blizzard is aiming at fixing that problem. The fix was much less heralded than other content and changes that came with this new patch. In the long run, it could be players will be happier with the lootbox fix than the marquee addition that came along with it.

Making the ‘Overwatch’ lootbox exciting and rewarding

Blizzard has had problems when it comes to in-game incentives for "Overwatch." The company has been told it needs to find a way to come up with incentives in the Public Test Realm, but it appears nothing will be changed anytime soon.

The “Overwatch” developers have come up with something that could come in as a very close second for their players. In the patch notes, the new update says Blizzard wants to make sure the “experience of opening a loot box to feel exciting and rewarding". In order to do this, the company has made changes they believe will lead to less duplicates in the lootbox.

The company apparently thought this move out quite well, because they also made sure to boost the number of credits players receive from the lootboxes. This patch comes after players have long been talking to Blizzard about how frustrating it is to get duplicate items all the time.

At the same time, the players were also quite annoyed at the low number of credits that they were able to get from the drops.

It’s a safe bet “Overwatch” users are quite happy to see this come along especially considering the other thing the new patch brought with it.

Doomfist comes to ‘Overwatch’

While the change in the lootboxes are a nice addition, players who have been waiting for the patch are likely ignoring it right this minute. The big news of the new addition is that a new character has joined “Overwatch."

Doomfist is the headliner today as “Overwatch” welcomes its big bad.

One more addition that players can get excited about is that there is a new highlight feature. This means that if you play as Doomfist, or any of the characters that were already in the game, you can set your own highlights from the game using a new capture feature.

The feature allows players to capture about 12 seconds of their own gameplay and then will be bound to a button in the request highlight feature, according to Eurogamer.

These new highlights will apparently be put in a section called “Recently Captured” and the regular highlights that are automatically captured will be shared in “Today’s Top 5." While Doomfist was known to be coming to this “Overwatch” update, the other things that have been delivered were a pleasant surprise.