While fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" next month, players are also wondering when Naughty Dog will officially launch a fifth "Uncharted" game. The sad news is that the studio has officially announced that they will definitely be taking time before they take on another "Uncharted" game. Red Bull (via PlayStation Lifestyle) reported that "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" expansion creative director Shaun Escayg explained that following the release of the upcoming "The Lost Legacy", he and the rest of the team are looking to take a break.

He commented that creating the game was an "intense" experience and that they were truly "passionate" about what they were doing. In addition, Escayg admitted that "We were already invested from the moment we pitched it and it was a snowball after that."

No plans at the moment for 'Uncharted 5'

The standalone expansion "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" is coming this August 22, and ahead of its release, Naughty Dog's Josh Scherr confirmed the fears of some—the studio wasn't going to develop "Uncharted 5" in the near future. He told GamesBeat (via ComicBook), "Potentially we could spin this off. But right now we’re just focusing on getting ['The Lost Legacy'] out the door, and then we’re focusing on 'Last of Us Part II.' There are no plans for anything beyond this."

Shaun Escayg recognizes the abundance of material they already have

Fans of the series who are eagerly awaiting both "The Lost Legacy" and a possible "Uncharted 5" need not worry, however, as Shaun Escayg and the rest of the Naughty Dog team recognize just how much material they have and how vastly they can expand the world.

"The Lost Legacy," which is set to be released this August, is set a year after the events of "Uncharted 4." It follows Chloe Frazer as the game tells her backstory. In it, Chloe wanders through the Western Ghats, looking for the Tusk of Ganesh from the warlord Asav. Also featured in the game is Nadine Ross, who players may remember is from "Uncharted 4."

Early praises for 'The Lost Legacy'

The upcoming "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" has earned early praise for putting two female characters in the lead in the standalone expansion.

Mashable spoke with writer Josh Scherr, who admitted that "Having written for the previous games and playing off this masculine, macho bravado, we had to stop and think, okay, well what does the female version of that look like?" Fans of the franchise will get to see the dynamics of both Chloe and Nadine come August 22.