Blizzard has just fully unveiled the latest Expansion for its highly popular free-to-play collectible card video game, "Hearthstone." The new expansion, called "Knights of the Frozen Throne," will be introducing 135 brand new cards to the game. More importantly, it will be changing the way the entire game is played by essentially killing all of the heroes off and transforming them into Death Knights.

The expansion's story

Similar to previous expansions, the upcoming new update will be taking players into a different part of the "Warcraft" world, specifically to Northend.

Players will be making their way into the cold and deadly northern icy continent of the world of Azeroth in a valiant effort to take down the Lich King within his Icecrown Citadel to take over the Frozen Throne. Within the expansion, there will be brand new missions to take on with 8 new bosses, including Sindragosa and Professor Putricide, among others. Completing the entire Prologue missions will award players with a random legendary Death Knight Hero card.

New card type

The aforementioned Hero card will essentially be the fourth card type within the game, next to minions, spells, and weapons. Casting a Hero card within the "Knights of the Frozen Throne" expansion will automatically transform the player's current hero into a Death Knight.

The Hero card then takes over with an automatically equipped frost-tinged armor, a Battlecry, and a brand new Hero power.

Life and death

The upcoming new expansion will also be introducing a brand new power called "Lifesteal." Similar to how the power is used in other games, the power basically means that any damage dealt with opposing creatures or players will also give the casting player the same amount of life.

Being able to heal with this technique will likely be a vital part of some player's strategy, especially for players using a control-style strategy to keep themselves alive against an aggressive opponent. Additionally, creatures won't only be the ones to possess the new ability as there will also be spells with Lifesteal.

The game's last expansion pack, "Journey to Un'Goro," was released back in April.

The upcoming new expansion, on the other hand, is scheduled to hit "Hearthstone" in August. As of the moment, interested players will be able to pre-order the update in 50-pack bundles. Pre-orders cost $49.99 and will be limited to only one purchase per account. Pre-order buyers will also be getting a bonus Frostmourne Card Back.