It seems like Square Enix isn’t actually completely done with the latest “Final Fantasy” installment. Avid players were already informed that there are upcoming, optional additions to the story so players can keep on enjoying the new open world.

However, it seems like the developers can’t make up their mind as they suddenly announced a whole new expansion for “Final Fantasy XV.” Nobody’s exactly complaining but nobody expected to get a multiplayer expansion for a classic role-playing game.

'Comrades' DLC multiplayer expansion

The new installment, which was officially released late last year, boasted many new things that impressed fans of the franchise.

Square Enix keeps on releasing fresh innovative ideas for the game to the point that it’s starting to look completely different from the actual video game that was initially released.

The multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV is downloadable content called Comrades.” Square Enix has not announced the actual release date of the new mode yet but players around the world can get to test it out for a few days next week.

Beta period

According to the developers will be launching a “closed online test” from August 3 to August 8, which will be made available to players who have purchased a season pass. The “Comrades” expansion lets players create their own avatars that they will be using for the online multiplayer brawls.

Beta players will be able to create up to eight avatars but the customization of the avatars will only be available in the full version. The test will only make use of four weapons namely katana, club, dagger, and shuriken.

Features and gameplay

Aside from the fighting, the expansion also will let the customized players go on various quests and even cook.

Square Enix will be introducing a wide variety of weapon types to choose from and they will be launching a new type of in-game currency, which uses meteroshards, for the “Comrades” downloadable content.

The collection of a certain number of meteorshards apparently allows the players to unlock various in-game quests. So far, that’s the only information that Square Enix has let out and the gameplay will be unveiled to the world next week when the closed online test takes place.

There were some still images from the video game’s expansion released, giving a glimpse of what the multiplayer will look like. The typical campsites in the main game will turn into a smaller version of barracks as several players put up their own tents on one site.

There’s also a makeshift kitchen housed in one big tent. Aside from that, the full version will also include Prompto, Gladio, Ignis, and Noctis as playable characters.